Healthy Super Bowl Party Recipes
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With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner I wanted to give you some of my awesome classic healthy recipes that will be perfect for the day!

Eating healthy around events like this can be difficult but with a little planning and execution, you can have great tasting food but most importantly, you won’t have a food coma afterwards!

Now let’s get on to all the recipes that have become our most popular!

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings, the perfect appetizer and spicy snack! I found an easy, oil free way to make them so that you can eat to your hearts content and no harm to animals was caused in the process.

Link to Buffalo Wing recipe

Vegan Potato Quesadillas

These potato quesadillas are vegan, healthy and will leave you feeling amazing. Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and topped off with cashew sour cream!

Link to Potato Quesadillas recipe

Badass Vegan Nachos

What if there was a nacho recipe that was so healthy, you could eat it everyday, that’s what I’ve created for you! Makes enough for one plate of nachos.

Link to Nacho recipe

Ikea Veggie Balls

Are you tired of driving back and forth to feed your Ikea veggie ball addiction? Well I have the answer for you with these awesome veggie balls!

Link to Veggie Ball recipe

Sriracha Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi

I’ve created the absolute best sweet potato tempura vegan sushi. Full of delicious whole foods, this recipe is ideal for weight loss. Makes 4 sushi rolls.

Link to Sushi recipe

I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday if you’re going to be watching the game!