Inspiring Stories From Real People

What was your lifestyle like before starting Lean & Clean?

Growing up I was always overweight. I never really felt like I had any emotional issues with food, I was just eating the wrong foods. I got picked on for my weight and always wanted to change it but never really knew how.

What was your turning point to start getting healthy?

A couple of years ago I weighed in at 188 lbs, the heaviest I have ever been and knew something needed to change. I followed the lean and clean plan religiously and lost weight very steadily.

What did you like most about the program?

I loved the freedom to eat pretty much anything I wanted to. Hannah makes it easy to still eat all of your favorite foods, but just prepare them in a much healthier way!

What was your starting height, weight and current weight?

Im 5’3 and my starting weight was 188 lbs, I now weigh around 120 lbs and have been maintaining that weight for around a year now.

What are your favorite foods from Lean & Clean?

I love oven fries and the Thai almond salad! I try to incorporate a ton of veggies into every meal.

What type of exercise did you do?

I did some yoga while losing weight but never did any intense exercising and was never extremely consistent with it.

Any advice or tips to inspire others?

My best advice is to not be so hard on yourself, slip ups are bound to happen and that’s okay! No one is perfect, it’s just about having good choices add up and pay off in the end! I always recommend adding a ton of veggies to every meal to bulk up what you’re eating.

Whats the biggest benefit to your life you have noticed?

I would say the biggest benefit is how much more energy I have now. I no longer feel dull, sluggish and sleepy all of the time. I enjoy doing way more activities and honestly enjoy my life so much more. I would have never been able to feel this way if I hadn’t stumbled across Hannah’s YouTube videos!

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