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Why I Eat Lean & Clean

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4 scientific studies that show why a plant-based diet is optimal for long term weight loss without restricting calories

The 5 most common reasons you’re not losing weight on a plant-based diet – things you might be doing but not even realizing were hampering your weight loss results

30+ epic plant-based recipes so you can start your journey today to finding your optimal weight


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    Success Stories

    Chelsea Mooney

    "Down 62 lbs since the start of my journey last June and I've never felt better! Love this lifestyle ?." - From the Lean & Clean Facebook group

    Stephanie Nelson

    "I haven't been able to break a fat loss plateau in a year but with tweaking my diet in the last 4-5 months, I've hit my goal! Special thanks to @highcarbhannah for showing me all the things!" - From the Lean & Clean Facebook group

    Jamie Lynch

    "Almost my one year anniversary of my plant based health journey!!! I'm ecstatic y'all. This lifestyle is FOREVER for me!" - From the Lean & Clean Facebook group

    Recipes Books

    Lean & Clean
    Lean & Clean

    The ultimate plant-based 14-day meal plan.

    Add to Cart - $39 $29
    Let’s Get Saucy
    Let's Get Saucy

    55+ vegan sauce recipes that will blow your mind.

    Add to Cart - $15 $12
    Ultimate Bundle
    Ultimate Bundle

    The Ultimate Plant-Based Bundle - 5 PDFs

    Add to Cart - $74 $64
    Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking
    Epic Vegan Pressure Cooking

    30 simple oil-free vegan pressure cooker recipes + 7 day meal plan.

    Add to Cart - $22 $16
    Real Food Real Simple
    Real Food Real Simple

    80+ Plant-Based Recipes To Satisfy Your Soul

    Add to Cart - $24 $18

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